Friday, September 2, 2011

New Month, New Material: September 2011

*peeks between fingers*
Hello lovely blog visitors!!!
Rita's baaaaaaaaccckkk!
As you all know, I use this monthly (at least, what is suppose to monthly) check-in post to let you guys know what's coming up for the new month blog-wise and otherwise.
Well, I'l let you guys know right now that September will be a VERY tame month. Not that I got that much done during the summer as I would have liked, but your resident historical romance junkie has to hang up the coconut bra and fruity cocktails and exchange them for university pull over sweaters and 5-hour energy drinks. I am back in school  now, my summer has officially ended, and idk WHERE I am going to find the energy to even tackle half of the cool projects I wanted to start for the blog. I've got TONS of books with half finished reviews I should probably jump on before my course work begins in earnest, and review books I've got to read on top of all that I need to get to asap! I keep hinting at a huge review-mageden... and the longer I put it off, the bigger it'll be. I am literally looking at a full solid month of daily reviews.
Because of those reviewing commitments, I am holding off on scheduling any further author appearances/interviews for a while. I have a few I've had planned from a few month ago, but other than that- do not expect too many interviews until after thanksgiving. I'll try to put together another Christmas Blog Party-but again, it depends on my schedule. Pimpin' (books) ain't easy! Especially with a part-time job, full time school, and a love of sleeping.
I'll brainstorm some ways to compensate for the huge hold I've put on the blog. Maybe monthly kindle ebook giveaways? I'd say paperback giveaways, but if I can't track down my own head 90% of the time, I doubt I'll find time to get to a P.O. and ship! Thank Austen for fast, convenient, Amazon gifting! lol! But I'll consider throwing in some after a while. Perhaps I'll do a giveaway of 1 book from the author of the month's back list?
I'll get it all together soon. I have no choice! lol!

The month may change but the mission stays the same: To make your followership of Not Another Romance Blog worthwhile!

Here's some of what to expect this month:

-Featured September Book
-A giveaway of the Author of the Month's book
-My participation in more Meme's like Top Off Tuesday
-Another rousing episode of Romance Lately with authors Shana Galen and Ashley March!
-Visitor's Survey! Time to sound off and help make N.A.R.B better!

...And so much more...(hopefully)

I'll grin and bear this month of crazy re-adjusting! Damn school. But Yay for the kick in the pants to get myself organized (or at least, my greatest interpretation of it). It can only get better from here.

Until Next Post<3... 


  1. This looks like it's going to be a rocking good month! Thanks for the heads up. I am a new follower.


  2. Boy, you sure are going to be one busy person this month!
    Wishing you loads of energy and happy 'reading' times!
    Don't forget to stop and come up for air now and again! :-)



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