Monday, March 7, 2011

Recommendation of the Week: 3/6/11/ - 3/12/11

'Daring the Duke'
by Anne Mallory
Read an excerpt: here
 "A beautiful thief who has never been apprehended…
For years, dire circumstances forced Audrey Kendrick to lead a dangerous double life as London’s most legendary thief. Finally free, she has escaped her past – or so she believes, until a family crisis draws her back. But one man is more determined than ever to bring her to justice – and the dashing, somewhat notorious Duke of Marston has set the perfect trap.
A daring duke who always catches his prey…
A gentleman spy, Stephen Chalmers is as close as a kiss to unmasking the brazen thief who has long been the scourge of the London ton. He suspects the spirited Miss Kendrick of being the infamous Hermes, but the duke never dreamed that, by keeping the remarkable lady near, he would himself fall victim to her sensual charms. Laying Audrey’s mysteries bare will only place his own dangerous secrets – and his heart – in jeopardy. For there is peril in the passion that enflames them both… and no risk is greater than love."Source

My Thoughts: Haven't read an Anne Mallory novel yet, but her titles and blurbs are way too enticing. I'll have to put this early Mallory novel in my cart ASAP!

Read a review of 'Daring The Duke' at Rakehell: here

This is your Recommendation for the Week of March 06th, 2011 thru March 12nd, 2011

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  1. The cover is pretty. I've only read one Anne Mallory book which wasn't for me. Could just be that particular story, of course, because so many people have raved about her books! I hope you love this one!!

  2. I am currently reading her new book ONE NIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and really like it so far. This is the first book I have read by her.



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