Friday, May 17, 2013

Author (Video) Spotlight: Amanda Scott and Rexanne Becnel

Check out some awesome videos featuring historical romance author Amanda Scott and historical romance and contemporary mainstream author Rexanne Becnel. Get the inside look as Scott talks us through the importance of history to her work and Becnel describes how she creates her feisty heroines!

Meet Amanda:

Amanda's Latest:

Can two passionate people stop fighting long enough to admit their love for each other?

After spirited Lady Sybilla Calverton discovers her husband , the Earl of Ramsbury, in an embrace with the notorious Lady Fanny Mandeville, she returns to her father’s home in Bath determined to match the wayward Ramsbury scandal for scandal. When the Earl learns that his wife has stirred gossip by being seen too often with elegant collector Sidney St. Denis, he hastens to Bath to see if the gossip is true—and to reinsert himself into Sybilla’s affairs. Quarrels immediately reignite between them—and so does their passion. But are their strong wills the only threat to their love, or is someone deliberately trying to destroy their tempestuous marriage?
*Book 1 in the Bath Trilogy

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Meet Rexanne:

Rexanne's Latest:

A maiden’s self-imposed isolation makes her the seductive prize in a royal battle for power
Lady Joanna Preston lives cloistered behind the walls of a nunnery, sealed away from a world of savagery and sorrow. As heir to the sought-after Oxwich Castle, Joanna has vowed never to love or take a husband, denying herself the passion she has secretly dreamed of. When Sir Rylan Kempe, Lord of Blaecston, a fierce yet noble warrior-knight locked in a vengeful battle with a royal enemy, comes to claim her and her castle in the name of ultimate revenge, Joanna is intent on defying the commanding knight at every turn. Yet soon the treachery of kings binds them together in unholy union and soul-deep desire, and Rylan must choose between his consuming love for Joanna and the treacherous game to which he has pledged his life.

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