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Sealed With a Kiss: Jenna Petersen + Giveaway

Jenna Petersen

Jenna Petersen loves history and happily-ever-after, so writing sensual historical romances seems to be the perfect fit! She has also written erotic romance as Jess Michaels and runs a popular resource for romance writers called The Passionate Pen. She lives in the Midwest with her loving husband and two mischievous cats, Harley and Quinn.

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My 2008 release, LESSONS FROM A COURTESAN was one of my very favorite books to write, so revisiting the main characters after several years of marriage and the birth of a baby they both longed for was a lot of fun. I pictured them beind separated by a poorly timed storm and each writing a letter on the same day, like ships passing in the night. I hope you enjoy this revisit of Victoria and Justin as much as I did. 

The Love Letter:

February 14, 1819

Dearest Victoria,

I begin this letter with a most sincere apology. I had every intention of making it home to the estate for this day, but the weather and the delays in our project have thwarted me at every turn. I must say, though, I thrill at the idea of no longer being idle, but being a true part in the expansion of our city and our Empire. Victoria, you should see Caleb. Not only does he thrive with this project, but his closeness with his half-brothers and their wives gives me great joy. Marah sends her love, as well. She is swollen with child now, and glows with happiness.

Of course, being around these very happily married people makes my mind turn with many thoughts. Foremost is the nagging pain of how much we lost during the years we were apart. How could I have not seen how happy we could be during those years? I wake during the night and still ask myself that question.

But then I think of our lives together now. I think of watching you wake in our bed in the morning, or hold our son to your breast, I think of your laughter and the way you shiver when I touch you. Perhaps if our history was different, I wouldn’t appreciate those things as the gift they are. I know our future is going to trump our past in every way. I know it as much as I know that you are the most beautiful woman I know or have ever known.

And now I gush, which I’m sure you will tease me about when I reach you. And I will repeat all my praise to you then, as well as show you how much I adore you. Until then, I remain



Check out Justin and Victoria's love story in: 

Blackmailed into a marriage five years ago, and forced by their overbearing families to consummate that union so it could never be legally questioned, Victoria and Justin Talbot have been more than happy to live apart ever since, although neither one has quite forgotten the one night they shared.

But now Victoria has been forced to come to London in the disguise of London’s most talented and sought after courtesan. Invading Justin’s world, she is on a desperate search to find a missing friend and stay clear of her very angry, suddenly possessive husband. Only this time, one taste is not going to be enough for Justin. He is determined not only to uncover Victoria’s secrets, but to claim her, body and soul.

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Jenna is giving away a copy of LESSONS FROM A COURTESAN, to 1 lucky commenter (U.S. Only) So make sure you leave a comment on this post AND fill out the rafflecopter for your chance to win!

And don't forget to head over to Ramblings From This Chick blog, check out Victoria's letter to Justin, and comment/enter that giveaway as well! 

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  1. I loved reading Justin's letter to Victoria. It's made me go all mushy inside. *sigh* I'd love to win "Sealed with a Kiss". It's just the type of book that I enjoy.

  2. In both letters, you can see finally how much Victoria and Justin love each other. It's very sweet. Can't wait to read this book.


  3. I will have to be on the lookout for this book...Sounds very interesting reading..

  4. Awww... so sweet... This is really getting me in the mood for Valentine's day...

  5. Awww... what a romantic letter! I would love to read this book. Especially since we know that they definitely got their HEA!

  6. Sounds like a book I need to read :)

  7. Congratulations on your book and thanks for the letter.

  8. "I know our future is going to trump our past in every way. "

    This is my favorite line. So perfect for their story. ^_^

    Great letter!

  9. Great letter! I loved this book! I checked it out from the library years ago but would love to read it again! Great story!!!

  10. Victoria won't tease Justin about his gushing.

  11. What a great sounding book! And a very heart touching love letter.

  12. I thought the letter was lovely and Lessons From a Courtesan sounds like a wonderful book.

  13. Awwww - I Loved this Letter!

  14. I loved how Justin expresses his feelings for her. Just so lovely and beautiful. I can't wait to read Lessons From A Courtesan. It's going o my TRL.Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  15. Thanks for the post. Loved the letter!

  16. Such a beautiful letter thank you.


  17. Love this letter. Justin said it all about his love and appreciation. So sweet.


  18. His letter was really lovely. I can't wait to read this story. :)



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