Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rita Takes RomCon 2011! (PLUS Blog Updates)

Hello My Lovelies<3, 
I hope everyone has been doing good =) I've been busier than ever, but it's all worth it- at least I hope.

I thought I'd do a little blog update since I know I've been sort of off/on with everything and my consistency has been a little off. I am also gearing up for an extremely cool trip, so I am putting everything on pause so I can enjoy myself and get in a little more fun before classes begin.

First up...RomCon11' Baby!
Tomorrow morning I will be boarding a plane and making my way to Denver, CO. on what will probably be the most booktastic, orgasmic, squeetastic weekend of my life thus far. I am SO excited to be going to RomCon11' this year. It's my first big book conference, and when I tell you I am all that is excitement and nervousness, I mean it! I look forward to meeting some of my twitter buddies, some beloved authors, and gorging on something sweet (not necessarily candy) at the Chocolate MANgasm event!
Of course, being away Thursday-Monday will mean no blog posts during that time =(..But no worries! I will fill you in on all the MADNESS that is destined to takes place this weekend in my expose' "RomCon Revealed" (lol)- to be posted when I come home. Also, I am hearing that the con will be swag city and you know I LOVE to share swag, so a cool giveaway or two when I get back will definitely be in the works as well.

If you're going to RomCon11': I'd love to meet you! I've already started exchanging numbers and emails with some of the attendees, but I am sure I've missed a few. If you'd like to hang at some point during the con or just seek me out to say hello, please feel free to email me at: HistoricalRomanceJunkie(at)gmail(dot)com
My phone sucks, so I can't check my twitter that often or rely on it to communicate with people, but I will be able to access my email and will constantly check it for those of you interested in meeting up. Send a message and I'll let you know where the fun is ;)

Now, It's Time For Blog Updates:
You may have noticed I've been letting things get away with me. No Anticipated Releases list for the past two months, or AoTM selected... This summer was suppose to be my chance to catch up with all the things I let fall to the way side during the last semester and also to bring some sort of consistency to the blog with regular Recommendation of the Week posts and other blog features. But like I said, life has a way of giving you EXACTLY what you ask for--I remember this time last year, I was gearing up for my first year of college, I had no job, no other commitments to keep me occupied during the day, and spent my entire summer reading and working on my brand new blog. I was desperate for something to fill my hours, and while blogging definitely helped fill that void, a few months later, everything decide to work itself out for me. School became my priporiety and when I wasn't causing a commotion in the campus library, I was (and still am) working at a clothing store part-time. I work crazy hours with little to no consistency, I've got tons of side projects I've started, I am crazy addicted to twitter...All of these things play a role as to why I am not huddled in my cave of a room cranking out the blog post. SO yes, woe is me but I digress. ;)

Long story short- I've been saying this for FOREVER, but truly, expect tons of reviews coming your way. I'll use this last month of August to get caught up on all my review requested reads and my blog will be brimming with new posts to keep you entertained. I'll be working on consistency and having regular, weekly posts as you should come to expect from any dedicated book blog. I'll be revamping the review page along with some other things and getting this blog back on track before the new semester starts. Once school begins, I'll probably take a step back and focus on that- so I will be very selective with review requests and might not be able to coordinate too many events on the blog. I hope you'll bare with me a little longer and continue to amaze me with your wonderful support.

Best wishes to you all !
-and remember it's #RomConOrBust ...taking bets in the comments as to the likelihood of me being thrown in jail before the Con ends. Hot man flesh and chocolate will be my ultimate demise.


  1. have a good time at RomCon and I look forward to more wonderful reviews and guest in the future.

  2. Have fun. Can't wait to hear about all the crazy hijinx that I'm sure is going to ensue when you meet up with Naughty Author 1 and 2 and the rest of the Pervy Trinitiy. I'm so jealous!!

    Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

  3. You sound like you're going to have to be tied down! LOL!!
    How exciting for you, have a blast and enjoy yourself at RomCon!!
    Looking forward to your latest news and book reviews.
    I'll definitely keep an eye out for your swag!
    DO take pictures of the Chocolate MANgasm Event!!! LOL!!!

    Have a funtastic and safe trip! :-D

  4. I hope you have a awesome time! We can't wait to hear all about it! Please take lots of pics!!!! Am slightly jealous though! *in corner sulking* LOL! Have a safe and happy trip!

  5. have fun. wish i could join you, but since i can't you'll just have to add me to the list of people you're having fun for ;)

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