Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look out for: New E-Publisher, Astrea Press | Seeking Submissions

Be on the look out for a brand new e-publisher which will be launching in Febuary 2011. Catering to the wholesome reader, Astraea Press will provide quality romance and fiction reads. They are also accepting submissions, so if you fit the bill, send your manuscripts! 

Astraea was formed in 2010 when two friends saw the need for a non-erotic e-publisher that offers wholesome reads but still maintains the quality of mainstream romance. The first titles for Astraea will be launched in February 2011.

With over six years experience in the publishing industry and avid readers, owners Stephanie Taylor and Jane Paxson look forward to working with their authors, having fun, and bringing you the best books available.

Astraea is a royalty paying publisher, NOT a vanity press!
What we offer:
  • Working one on one with our cover artist to develop a cover you can be proud to display
  • 50% royalties on site sales
  • Individual, customized marketing plan for each author to help your sales that combine with our own marketing efforts for your book
  • Direct communication lines between owner, editors, cover artist, and authors. No middle man here!
Seeking Submissions
Astraea Press is currently seeking manuscripts between 15,000 and 100,000 words. What we are looking for:
Check out our website,, for more details!
  • Any genre of romance or sub-genre of romance
  • Young Adult
  • Fiction of all shapes and sizes
  • Clean manuscripts with no language and no graphic sex


  1. If only one of my ideas for a book was finished! Maybe this is the kick in pants I need to get one done? Can't submitt an unfinished book...really need to remember that.

  2. Lol. If you saw the amount of (WIP) documents on my hard drive, you'd think I am nuts. We all need a good kick in the pant every now and then. Hope you finish your manuscript soon. Who knows, maybe I'll be featuring it one day on the blog!?

    Best of luck, Jess!



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