Friday, July 2, 2010

Author of the Month: July 2010

Samantha James

   At a young age, author Samantha James had a lot of ideas as to what she wanted to do when she grew up. Becoming a Best-selling, award-winning author was oddly not one of them. Samantha entertained ideas of becoming an astronaut, archaeologist, detective, nurse, history teacher and (briefly) a flight attendant (until she realized she did not like to fly). Most of her choices were inspired by series and novels she had been reading at the time (funny how life works, eh?). Trixie Belden mysteries inspired her to try detective work and the Cherry Ames series compelled her to think of nursing.
   She met her Mr.Right during a set-up semi-blind date (mouthful) at an office Christmas party. Six-months after that meeting, Mr.Right was shipped off by the U.S Army to Germany and Samantha jokes that her writing career began by the penning of her 3 times-a-week letters to him.
   Upon marring and welcoming 3 daughters into the world, Samantha left detective work to Mr.Right and settled into the blissful mom-role.
   She accredits two happenstances when her youngest daughter was six-months old with the sparking of the 'bright idea' bulb for writing in her: 1.) Her historical romance bug finally bit her in the form of Moonstruck Madness by Laurie McBain. and 2.) Her brother revealed his secret author ambitions of writing and submitting short-stories (and subsequently, getting rejected many times).
   Rejection didn't scare Samantha off, and if her brother could face it and live to tell about it, then she could too. That summer she wrote 3 books (during her kids nap time and bedtime and any other free time on hand). On the fourth book, she struck some success and her light has been shining bright ever since.Source
   She writes under two other pseudonyms: Sandra James  and Sandra Kleinschmit 
for contemporary romance ( the first pen name being published by Harlequin's Super Romance series and the second being published by Silhouette Desires and Mills & Boon Desires [one novel published by Loveswept] )

-- My First Samantha James novel was 'A Perfect Hero'. I feel in love with James' books instantly and began hounding my local librarians with patron request forms to add more of her titles to their holdings. I was just browsing the romance rack and saw a book with a quote by Lisa Kleypas on the cover and figured (I Love Kleypas, so if she says your boss', I gotta give you a try!) so glad that I did! Check out some more Samantha James content on this blog (reviews, ect): here

And there is your Author of the Month for July 2010!!

*Head on over to Samantha James' Website for more info on this stellar author!  

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