Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Month, New Material: February 2011

Okay, SO I am two days late with this...
It's still Feb, so no worries. Last month was a great intro to 2011. Although I didn't get out as many reviews as I wanted to, and totally forgot about Recommendations for the Week, I still think it was pretty successful!

Going into this New Month, I want to do a little updating to my About me and Contact pages. Make it easier for you guys to get to know me and connect if you choose. And, I want to post a Privacy Policy so that you guys know that when you enter any giveaways here, your info is safe.
 I also posted the first Interview/Giveaway of 2011 which was with Alexandra Hawkins and introduced a new way to enter giveaways. I was wondering how you guys felt about the Google Form embedded in the post where you just type your name, email and any extra entries you would like to claim and click submit. So now when you post a comment on the post, you can concentrate on what you want to say rather than how many points you get. It makes it easier for me by automatically recording all the entries in a google spreadsheet (before I did this manually, UHG!) which I can then download as an excel sheet and add in the extra entries. I think it's pretty cool, but how do you guys feel?
Also, in this month, I will be featured on The Crazy Bookworm blog in their 'Interview with a Book Blogger' segment on Valentine's day! I had lots of fun with the questions and hope you guys will stop by and enjoy my crazy answers! Their site is one I envy and adore; so I hope you guys have them in your readers anyhow because you'll find great content!
I've also got a few reviews I've been meaning to finish up/post as well; I've been so behind, it's scary! But I'll get them out! Lots of them are ebooks by up and coming-ers, so I hope to introduce you to some rising and fresh talent!

One last thing: Subscribing via Email! I recently registered my feeds to FeedBurner which is a service that sends email updates to subscriber's emails anytime I make a new post on the blog. I received a few requests for this and finally got around to doing it. You can find the form in the left sidebar. Just enter your email address and you will instantly start receiving email updates when a new post, giveaway, interview, ect is posted. You can also sign up through THIS link.

The month may change but the mission stays the same: To make your followership of Not Another Romance Blog worthwhile!

Here's some of what to expect this month:
-No duh: More Reviews!
-Some Random Posts (picked out some lovely additions to my male harem)
-More Book World and Publishing News
-More tweets, Goodreads updats, ect (not always relating to the blog)
-Some cool interviews/giveaways
-Posting the Privacy Policy
-The first Quality Control Survey/Poll (I need your help to make NARB better! Tell me what you want!)

...And so much more...

I look forward to the month of February and all the bookish delights that it will hold!

Until Next Post<3...


  1. Love the new and easy contest form:)
    Love the blog--keep up the great work!!

  2. Great! Glad you like the form. I will be using it from now on unless I do quickie giveaways or something like that.

    And I'll try ;)



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