Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh, and the view was sublime....

   The wickedly wonderful ladies over at the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog recently posted an article featuring this picture of Bronwyn Scott's 2008 book, 'Pickpocket Countess'.

   Besides becoming a recent-add to my ever-growing reading list, 'Pickpocket Countess' instantly goes down as being one of my favorite book covers to date!
  We always get the covers with wispy strands of hair, dancing on a moonlit breeze; or of lingerie-clad misses being caressed oh-so sensually by a manly, broad-shouldered hunk.
   I am usually against the objectification of any living thing, but if you guys must know; I am an unabashed perv and reek mayhem in the opposite sexes universe (they run and hide when I come around; I can never resist a man's arse). This is justice, and in my opinion, it has never looked so good!!


  1. I would indeed have to say that this is a classic, if only they would trend in this direction. I love it. Not a bad view at all!

  2. It would make sense; seeing as the demographic for romance novels is decidedly feminine... and if guys can plaster bikini models on everything in sight; I say we put boy butts and pecs on every single cover and blog asap! lol



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